commando tv customer service – Over 8800+ Channels

commando tv customer service - Over 8800+ Channels


 commando tv customer service – Over 8800+ Channels

Hello, followers of the xshopstar blog to download exclusive Android apps for free, we meet with you again and today we will present to you a topic that I think will be well received by you, my dear friends. Today’s article is about commando tv customer service – Over 8800+ Channels.

Many more people now use IPTV services than traditional cable TV providers. People prefer IPTV to cable TV because of the cost savings, the lack of a contract, the lack of installation, and other factors. commando tv customer service is an IPTV service with over 8800 channels, movies, catch-up TV, and many more features. All of this is available for a low monthly fee of only $10. So, let’s look at how to set up and use Commando TV IPTV.

While utilising any IPTV service on your device, you must utilise a VPN to protect your IP address from being tracked or monitored. Using a VPN allows you to remain anonymous while browsing. Nord VPN is one such VPN that enables users to access IPTV services quickly and securely.

Android, iOS, Android Box TV, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV & Stick, Apple TV, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, Playstation 4, VLC media player, and Web Player are all supported by Commando IPTV.

commando tv customer service - Over 8800+ Channels


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1- On your PC or smartphone, open a browser of your choice.

2- In your browser, go to

3- Choose your plan from the drop-down menu and click Order Now.

4- Fill up all of the required details, such as your email address, names, and password.

5- Complete your payment via Paypal once all of the details have been entered.

6- Following purchase, commando tv customer service will send you an email with your username, password, m3u URL, and setup instructions.

ON ANDROID DEVICES, HOW TO INSTALL commando tv customer service

1 In your browser, go to

2 To begin downloading Commando IPTV apk to your device, click Go.

3 Install the apk on your Android device once it has been downloaded.

4 Open the IPTV app when it has been installed.

5 Fill in the username and password you were given when you signed up.

6 To access Commando IPTV, tap Login.

7  That’s all there is to it. Commando IPTV now allows you to watch all of your favourite movies, TV episodes, and other content.


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commando tv customer service – IPHONE/IPAD INSTALLATION GUIDE

1 Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

2 On your iOS device, download and install GSE Smart IPTV.

3 To use the app, go to the upper left corner and select the Hamburger symbol.

4 From the drop-down menu, choose Remote Playlists.

5 Go to the bottom right corner and click the Plus icon.

6 From the pop-up menu, choose Add M3U URL.

7 Tap Add after entering the Playlist name and link.

8 Your playlist will be successfully built.

WEB PLAYER commando tv customer service

1 Open any web browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

2 Go to to use the Commando IPTV web player.

3 Type in the username and password you received through email when you signed up.

4 If you check the Remember me box, your login information will be saved for future use (optional).

5 Now, go to Commando TV IPTV and select Login to begin streaming all of the available movies and TV episodes.


1On your device, download and open the VLC media player.

2 From the menu bar, select Media.

3 From the list of options, choose Open Network Stream or press Ctrl + N on your keyboard.

4 Select the Network tab from the Open Media pop-up.

5 In the Network section, type the M3U URL you want to stream.

6 To begin streaming Commando TV, click the Play icon.

commando tv customer service Smartphones with Android and iOS

[2] On your Android/iOS device, tap the Network stream.

Open the VLC menu and select Stream.

iOS: From the panel below, tap the Network tab >> Stream from the Internet

In the URL area, type the M3U URL.

[4] On Android, tap the Stream icon. Streaming Over the Internet (iOS).

[5] Using the VLC media player, you may now watch Commando IPTV.

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