Download Cast TV v11.745.0 – Cast to TV MOD APK


Download Cast TV v11.745.0 – Cast to TV MOD APK

Download Cast TV v11.745.0 - Cast to TV MOD APK

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Cast to TV MOD APK Video Streaming App for Chromecast / Roku / Apple TV / Xbox / Fire TV

Cast to TV MOD APK is a video streaming app for Chromecast / Roku / Apple TV / Xbox / Fire TV. From now on, if you find an interesting video or program that you want to play on your TV and your phone, you don’t have to worry anymore because you have Cast to TV v11.745.0.

Play your favorite online videos on Chromecast / Roku / Apple TV / Xbox / Fire TV and sync them to your phone, tablet and computer.

Download Cast TV v11.745.0 - Cast to TV MOD APK


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Why do we need an app like Cast TV?

Your TV only uses the regular channels and you find an interesting video or a great movie or you simply have a video that you want to delve into and see every detail but your phone or tablet screen is small. Want to watch it on TV but don’t know how? Then download the Cast to TV app and use it right away.

Cast TV is a video streaming app for Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and Fire TV. This application will help you to put the videos played online on your phone to display on other electronic devices like TV and computer smoothly.

What formats can be played on Cast TV?

You can play any type of video on TV: short films, music videos, animations, photos… in file formats such as MP4 movies, MKV, MP3 music, JPG images, PNG, HTML5 videos, or m3u IPTV files or URLs. Even large resolutions such as 4K and HD display correctly on the connected screen. This is a very strong point of the Cast TV app compared to some of the video playing apps currently available on Google Play.

In addition to the video playback feature, what other features are available in Cast TV?

Cast TV has many unique and attractive features that will provide the best visual experience. All processes and browsers are displayed on a unified interface that is easy to use and understand and is manipulated within a minute. Some of the convenient additional features I just mentioned include:

See the history of your played videos,At any time even when you are offline.
Help parents control malicious websites by blocking windows.
Sync on a variety of devices that share the same connection.

When you upgrade to Premium (with a monthly or yearly fee), the first advantage is that there are absolutely no ads. You can do a lot of cool things. For example, control TV and apps with your Roku remote, add subtitles on Chromecast and set TV showtimes for a preset list of favorite videos. Also, there is a web video caster premium 5.2.0 apk.

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Steps to get started with Cast TV

  • – Use the Cast TV browser to navigate the website you want to play on your TV.
    – Wait a moment for the app to browse all the video formats available on that website.
    – Start with tapping to select the functions you want to use in the app to play videos simultaneously on your – – phone and TV or computer. Remember to check the wifi connection to make sure everything is running smoothly.
    – With just three simple steps like this, if you use it directly, no problem. Everyone can use it without any complicated operation.
  • Here is a list of all the devices that Cast TV can connect to and stream each video format
  • Chromecast 1, 2, Ultra HD 4KFire TV or Fire StickApple TV Airplay (4th generation) tv OS 10.2+Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick, or Roku TV DLNAXbox One and Xbox 360 supported receiver Google Cast receiver Smart TVs with DLNA integration include Panasonic and LG TV, TCL, Phillips, Sony Bravia, Samsung, Sharp and many more (please read carefully to see if they are described in the product manual)
  • What benefits do you get when using the APK MOD version of Cast TV Premium?
  • No ads
    Roku remote control
    Roku . channels
    Custom themes
    More than 2 videos in queue
    More than 1 bookmark
    Set Home
    Sync across devices
  • Download Cast TV MOD APK for Android

You can see that it is a very long list. This proves the versatility and high compatibility of the Cast TV application, especially nowadays when movie projectors have become so diverse and varied. Download Cast TV now on your phone now!

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