download FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.2 APK + MOD



download FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.2 APK + MOD


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FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.2 APK is a flexible video manager generally utilized for the capacities and significance in completely related fields. Its fundamental use is to assist clients with underlining the primary substance of every video and make them more unmistakable through clear tones or impacts. It additionally accompanies numerous intuitive apparatuses and highlights to extend clients’ capacities or minds higher than ever.

download FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.2 APK + MOD


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When publishing videos you can select a resolution that is 1440p, 1080p, 720p, or whatever you want. The resolution of this application does not beat the rest of the competition. With this feature, videos are 2160p with a specific parameter of 3840×2160. With this advantage, users no longer worry about problems when uploading files to other applications that are blurred affecting quality.

Your life image will be most accurate and vivid in the videos. This application links directly to the chain of applications that are most commonly used by young people today, including Facebook Instagram even Tik Tok and a range of other names such as WhatsApp YouTube etc. Therefore this is People who work as freelancers and communicate with customers can use the platform to upload videos. Once you’re done editing, you can easily upload them to the platform in High Definition quality.


Your video editing experience begins with several tools. FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.2 APK promises to help users with the most professional video editing features. So what will you do with this app? It allows you to use built-in filters or create your own color tones for your videos. Take videos. Help the video become unique with lighting effects, temperature, and contrast adjustments.

First you make a series of short videos in different contexts and people. Then you can combine the videos into one seamless video. You cannot cut out any unwanted parts in the process. You can also align and apply the video to a frame system with a variety of frames and backgrounds. Your video will not be automatically cut in size by the target application. The aspect ratio of your video will be properly adjusted for the available platform.


If a video contains all images, it is called a photo album. Equally important is the sound system. The audio in the original video will be inserted if possible by the user of the video. Recordings, such as recordings of music or live dubbing.

FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.2 APK music store has a wide selection of genres and quantities. Users can also use their own music to create an original tone for the work. The voice quality of music is excellent when integrated into the project. It makes it easy for new users to edit the sound, speed and tone. The design of the operation has been optimized with clear letters and symbols.

° FilmoraGo Pro v6.5.2 APK is a free YouTube video editor, Tik Tok vd editor, and Instagram vd cutter.

° Instagram stories work with 1:1 video formats and 16:9 video formats. They also work with 9:16 videos, 5:4 and 4:5 videos, which allows you to alter the background of the video or image.

° A professional video editor with PIP overlay functionality.

° All aspect ratio and vignetting adjustments are made in the video.

° Voice-to-text software can be used to help students learn to use the phonetic alphabet and have speech augmentation.

° Speech enhancements can be used to help individuals with hearing impairments improve their ability to hear or understand the sounds they are making while speaking.

° Custom text movement trajectory text styles and fonts. Multi-text video & picture editing effects given.

° The best video editor for editing and exporting videos in HD

° Make videos more fun or slower for certain occasions. Edit the videos to make them funnier or slower.

° Slice and split videos are easy. Edit video like a pro

Download: FilmoraGo Pro

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