download solitaire free game for android+ios 2022

download solitaire free game for android+ios 2022


download solitaire free game for android+ios 2022

Hello, followers of the xshopstar blog to download exclusive Android apps for free, we meet with you again and today we will present to you a topic that I think will be well received by you, my dear friends. Today’s article is about download solitaire free game for android+ios 2022.

solitaire free game is a Tripledot Studios Limited paper game, for those who have a passion for this pleasant sport or want to taste a little old days of Windows days with colored windows that work back and forth.

It can be said that paper games are the most diverse mind in the world today. Common cards are scratch cards, four -colored cards … for more complexity, there are Black Jack Cards, Klondike cards and many different shapes.

Professional card players often tell each other that if you want to practice your skills, want to join the Paper Games Union, or want to confirm your level, you should play Clondic well first. How does this type of paper games do, and what is attracting to it?


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Download solitaire free game APK for Android devices

Say now goodbye to the old Windows operating system, you can enjoy another nostalgia on the mobile phone using the original Solidike game (KLONDKE) as if you were a child. Of course, it was reformulated with a polished appearance and a more interesting interface, not the background of the faded green card as before. Solitaire is now with a magical 3D graphic background and fun animation, and the way the cards flip, line up and fly back and forth to move to the compartments are also more complicated.

solitaire free game also has ways to play more than in the old days. You can play with one or 3 cards, and you can choose the classic registration method and rules as mentioned above or calculate the result quickly according to the method of playing in Vegas casinos. You can even customize the card to look beautiful and choose any play mode you want. I really like this point. They have made the old paper game that was somewhat boring, now more modern, elegant and exciting.

This beautiful little mobile game can be played completely free and without internet connection. Therefore, do not hesitate to download it on your device, take it out and play whenever you want.


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How to play Solitaire Free Game for Android+iOS 

In these seven columns, there are 4 sections containing cards of the same type (chrap / diamonds / hearts / pusturation). Each cabin can accommodate up to 13 cards (in a total of 52 cards).

Game rules: The line consists of confrontation cards stacked on top of each other in a descending order of numbers and alternative colors. That is, the 5 -piece card can be placed over the 6 -sized card, and the card consisting of 8 clubs below the heart card will be placed.

Each correct movement will be: Transfer the exposed cards from one column to another. After each shift, you should create a full line with the cards available on the new column.

If the card is from the bottom to the top consisting of a ace or has a adjacent number of the same type of card in the upper cabin, you can move this card from the bottom to top solitaire free game.

If there is an empty column after moving the card, you can fill the void with any number (K).
If you do not have enough and correct cards and you cannot create a line, you must turn one of 24 cards in external reserves to see if you can make it a line in one of the seven pillars available solitaire free game.

Until all the 52 cards are placed in the four upper cabarets, you win solitaire free game.


The paper game cannot be more classic. Play it to kill time while practicing your mind and patience. It has beautiful pictures, colors and many types of cards. Solitaire lovers! Click on the link below to download and play now!

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