Girl of Paper PDF Summary – miso clouds

The story of a Girl of Paper novel:


 Girl of Paper PDF Summary – miso clouds

Hello, followers of the xshopstar blog to download exclusive Android apps for free, we meet with you again and today we will present to you a topic that I think will be well received by you, my dear friends. Today’s article is about Girl of Paper PDF Summary – miso clouds ,The novel “Girl of Paper” written by the writer “Guillaume Miso” is considered a new creation by Guillaume Miso.

Girl of Paper PDF Summary - miso clouds


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About the novel Girl of Paper:

Girl of Paper Wet and completely naked, you appeared on my balcony in the dead of a rainy night… Who are you? I asked her as I approached, examining her from top to bottom… She fell… She fell from where?… I fell from a book… I fell from your story, like this! She is beautiful and desperate, threatened with death if he stops writing… Impossible Girl of Paper ? But…

The novel revolves around the character of the famous author “Tom Boyd”, one of the most important authors of novels. He wrote a trilogy of angels that enchant America, but for some reason his failed love story fails to write its third part and stops writing; Suddenly, the heroine of his novel “Billy” appeared in his life to help him restore his emotional relationship, in exchange for helping her return to the fantasy world from which she came Girl of Paper.

Girl of Paper Novel Characters:

Tom Boyd: 30-year-old famous writer
Aarour Valencourt: 31-year-old French pianist wins the prestigious Avery Fisher Prize
Milo Lombardo: Tom’s best friend
Carol: A childhood friend of both Tom and Milo, she works as an undercover detective
Billy Donnelly: A minor character in Tom’s novel

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The story of a Girl of Paper novel:

A great love story connects the French pianist Aurora and the famous writer Tom (the author of the trilogy of angels enchanting America), which narrates a great and impossible love affair between a doctor and her guardian angel who has watched over her since her childhood… And after several months of their wonderful love story, Aror was seen with a rock band drummer, which led to their separation…. The press subsequently announced that the release of Tom Boyd’s novel would be delayed until next summer. It was also rumored that the reason for this delay is the bleak state that the author lives in after his emotional separation.

More than 6 months ago, Tom did not leave his house, and both Milo and Carol were trying to get him out of his depression, but Tom was unable to get over his ordeal and never forget it, he was consumed by sadness and emptied of all will and emotion…. Milo told him that sales The first two parts of the novel trilogy are still big.

the Angels trilogy is on its way to becoming a cosmic phenomenon. Also, his novel will become a movie next month… Then he told him about the problem that occurred in printing the deluxe version of his latest novel, so they pulled out hastily, ie withdrawing 100,000 defective copies Girl of Paper.

They will withdraw them from the libraries and they will be destroyed… Shadow Milo motivates his friend and tells him that the most important now is his next novel, which prevents him from bankruptcy, and that if he does not finish writing his novel, he will pay large financial fines … but Tom tells him that he has become unable to write even one line, and the time that remains for him Writing was no longer enough… and when Milo insisted on him a lot, Tom shouted at him and left the place…

His head was hurting so much and he felt that all his energy was being used up, and as he was diving into a deep state of fatigue he felt as if he was gradually separated from the world… Suddenly he heard the sound of broken glass taking him out of his dreams Girl of Paper.

the room was very dark and it was raining heavily and then he felt something What was followed by the sound of choppy breaths, then he saw the cuteness of a wet, graceful girl trembling and staring at him..she was naked and her hands were hiding her body, when he asked her who she was? She told him you didn’t know me? I’m Billy Donnie..Tom was surprised..She’s just a character in his novel How did it become real?? ..

she told him that she wanted him to take me back to my home because mine is in your books and I fell from your book, I fell from a line, in the middle of an incomplete sentence.. he hoped that this girl was just ridiculous but unfortunately it is not… His novelist and that this really frightened her.. When he got upset with her and led her to the balcony and put him there and closed the glass partition on her Girl of Paper.

he saw her eyelids trembling as he discovered that her dress was stained with blood, then he saw the blade of a bread knife in her hand and looked at the numbers tattooed on her hand 144.. Then he picked up He opened his book on page 144 and it was the beginning of a new chapter saying, “Billy went to a tattoo shop in Boston, the needle spewed ink right under her body on her shoulder, and she carved his book with arabesques..”

when he told Billy’s story to his friends Carol and Milo, they didn’t believe him and took him to a psychiatrist. He couldn’t stand his condition. He threw himself two stories high, wrapped himself in a curtain over an old car, and heard Billy say: Let’s go to Mexico and find your girlfriend Girl of Paper.

I swear and in return you write the last part of your trilogy, because that is the way to take me home. In addition to other conditions, “The novel will transfer me from the cancer treatment department to the medicine department, and it will make my husband, Jack, love me and leave his second wife… And this is how their journey together begins..

So how will this adventure be?

Will Billy be able to give him back his arrow?
and how’s that ?
Will Tom finish writing his novel and bring Billy home?
And the most important question is who is Billy?
Is she a fictional character?
or real?
What will happen in the end after these events and interesting questions?

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