Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon

Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon
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Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon

Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon

Welcome, followers of XSHOPSTAR, to a new topic, Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon.

The open channels that carry the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon. Now, after much controversy, the CAF President has announced that the African Nations Cup will be held on time in Cameroon. At a later time, a great controversy occurred in the sports circles between the African CAF and European clubs, which threatened not to send their players to this tournament because of the European schedule crowded with matches and tournaments, and also because of the establishment of the World Cup every two years and not every four years. On the African counterpart, there were many obstacles in front of Cameroon. To set up the event on its grounds because of the security and financial problems. Not only that but there is also a problem for the Egyptian state, as the Al-Ahly club will participate in the FIFA Club World Cup. Thus, it is possible that many players from Al-Ahly will not participate in the national product. The FIFA Club World Cup will be held in February in conjunction with the African Nations Cup. To know all the details, follow this article on our xshopstar website.

Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon


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Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2022

The first: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Cape Verde.
Second: Senegal, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Malawi.
The third: Morocco, Ghana, Comoros, Gabon.
Fourth: Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau.
Fifth: Algeria, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire.
Sixth: Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia.

Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon

After confirming the start of the tournament on time, searches increased on the Google search engine to find out the strongest and best free and carrier channels for this tournament. Through this article, we will list to you all the free and carrier satellite channels for this tournament. Which is broadcast on Nilesat 201 and Nilesat 301 satellites, which will open in January 2022. Among these channels are broadcast in Arabic, others are broadcast in English, and others are broadcast in other languages. This tournament is witnessing fierce and fierce competition due to the participation of 24 of the strongest African teams. It was also announced that there will be 6 stadiums hosting the group stage between the different teams. Where each stadium will be responsible for playing one group on it in the role of groups.
The African Cup is content and the topic summarizes some of the channels that transmit the 2022 football event
Italy’s DMAX Italia announced the transfer of the 2022 African Nations Cup managed
Discovery from acquiring the rights to the 2021 African Nations Cup (to be held in 2022) in Italy
I got the full rights to 52 games and it will be broadcast on Discovery+
For information, the Discovery package is available on Hotbird.


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Open channels for the 2022 African Nations Cup Cameroon

Hotbird 13C (13E)
11258 H 27500 3/4 (DVBS2/8PSK)
Conax (0B02)
Viaccess PC 6.0 (06120E0)
Eurosport 4K
Eurosport 3 HD
Eurosport 4 HD
urosport 5 HD
Channel Name : DMAX Italia TV
Satellite Name :Hot Bird 13C
Frequency : 12616
Polarization : Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 29900 5/6
Channel Name : DMAX HD TV
Satellite Name :Astra 1L
Frequency : 12574
Polarization : Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 22000 2/3
Sport Digital TV HD Germany
Astra 19°E – 11656 V 22000
b N SPORTS  HD France
Astra 19°E – 12168 V 29700
Astra 19°E – 11856 V 29700
Astra 19°E – 11895 V 29700
EuroSport Spain
Astra 19°E – 10758 V 22000
Astra 19°E – 10936 V 22000
Astra 19°E – 11686 V 22000
SportKlub Serbia + Croatia 
Eutelsat 16°E – 11595 H 27500
Eutelsat 16°E – 11554 V 30000
Eutelsat 16°E – 11471 H 30000
Eutelsat 16°E – 11011 V 27500
Eutelsat 16°E – 11512 H 27500
Eutelsat 16°E – 11011 V 27500
Eutelsat 16°E – 11387 H 30000
Eutelsat 16°E – 11221 H 30000
intelsat 31 moon west
The African Nations Cup for free at your home through the Malitin channels
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